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Automotive Lubricant :

We are leading dealer of various kinds of Automotive Oils, which help in efficient running of many parts of automobiles, right from shifts, gears to the engine. Wherever there is relative motion between two machine components or parts in contact, lubricants are required to reduce wear and tear and alleviate friction. These lubricants are in sync with set industrial norms and immensely used for the purpose of proper lubrication and reducing the wear & tear of different machines as well as these lubricants enhance the functioning of the concerned component and the entire machine/engine in some cases.

Product Range :

Applications :

Lubricants perform the following key functions:

  • Keep moving parts apart
  • Reduce friction
  • Transfer heat
  • Carry away contaminants & debris
  • Transmit power
  • Protect against wear
  • Prevent corrosion
  • Seal for gases
  • Stop the risk of smoke and fire of objects
  • Prevent rust.

One of the single largest applications for lubricants, in the form of motor oil, is protecting the internal combustion engines in motor vehicles and powered equipment.

Benefits :

Today’s complex engines are built to work efficiently under high pressures and extreme temperature conditions. Ordinary oils can reduce engine performance and damage the engine. With Anglo Goldy Lubricants, your vehicle can get advanced protection, better fuel economy and longer engine life.

  • Reduces Friction, dissipates heat – minimizes wear
  • Protects against sludge – maximizes engine life
  • Optimal Viscosity & temp characteristics - reliable for all weather operation
  • Anti-foaming and anti-oxidation characteristics

Industrial Lubricants :

We deal with a comprehensive range comprising more than 150 Grades includes Hydraulic Oils, Gear oils, Compressor Oils, Long Life Turbine Oils, Cylinder Oils, Refrigeration Oils, Metal Working Fluids, Marine Oils, Wire Drawing Compounds, Automotive Engine Oils, Gear Oils, Transmission Fluids, Glass Mould Oils, Mould Release Oils, Quenching Oils, Thermic Fluids, etc. and other special industrial oils for specific applications meeting the latest BIS and International Standard specifications.

Product Range :

Applications & Benefits:

Industrial lubricants are used in a large variety of equipments and applications.

This deals with all types of products destined for the lubrication of industrial machines, such as hydraulic systems, turbines, compressors, bearings, open and closed gears, machine tool slide way, pneumatic tools and industrial transmissions.

In all these categories, the one which has the most volumes is represented by the hydraulic oils which are used in the hydraulic controls of building machinery, industrial plants, etc.

Usually these fluids are containing anti-wear agents to minimize wear of the pumps.

In general, the inserting of additives in industrial lubricants, except for products with special applications, is not very high (maximum 5%), but that which is fundamental is the balance between the various additives in order to reach some particular performance.

Synthetic Lubricants :

Over the years, we have been able to serve our valued clients by importing and exporting an exceptional range of Synthetic Engine Oil. These oils enhance the pickup of the cars by eliminating the deposit of sludge and protect the engine from corrosion & oxidation. In order to process high quality Synthetic Engine Oil, our manufacturers employ advanced machines and utilize quality tested compounds procured from the authentic vendors. Our clients can avail these oils from us at a reasonable price.

Product Range :

Applications :

In applications with extremely high or extremely low temperatures or very heavy loads, synthetic lubricants may overcome the challenges better than non-synthetic lubricants. For example, a synthetic gear oil would provide exceptional protection in heavily loaded gearboxes exposed to high and low temperature extremes. Another example is a synthetic engine oil or synthetic motor oil, which would provide better viscosity stability in extreme temperature conditions.

The performance advantages offered by synthetic oils and synthetic greases vary by product, but they include improved thermal stability, improved oxidation resistance, a high viscosity index, improved low-temperature properties, lower evaporation losses, reduced flammability and a lower tendency to form residues.

Anglo Goldy offers synthetic lubricant options in several of its product categories, including industrial greases, gear oils, food grade lubricants, hydraulic oils, air compressor/blower oils, industrial oils, engine oils, transmission fluids, differential fluids and open gear lubricants.

Anglo Goldy's synthetic oil and synthetic grease varieties contain special additives that further enhance their performance.


  • High viscosity
  • Eco-friendly
  • Prolong shelf life

Marine Engine Oil :

Backed by our highly skilled, experienced and reputed vendors, we are offering our clients a wide range of Marine Engine Oil. Our offered range is processed from high viscosity index base oils, detergent - dispersant inhibitors and anti wear additives. It easily minimizes the engine deposits due to the excellent control on sludge and varnish. The range offered features a good thermo-oxidation stability and TBN retention power that assist in protecting engine parts from corrosive wear. Clients can avail the entire range at reasonable prices.

Product Range :

Applications & Benefits:

  • Minimizes engine deposits
  • Excellent control on sludge
  • Varnish

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